Introduction to “The Department of Performing”


“The Department of Performing” was established in 2008. The faculties all graduated from the key art colleges nationwide, with abundant working or teaching experiences in drama, film and television. Besides, the department also has many part-time professors who are distinguished experts and scholars in famous theatres, film and television business around the country; they give lectures and instructions in our college regularly.

The major of performing was elected as the characteristic majors of Guangxi Autonomous Region in 2011. The department has two postgraduate majors: creative writing & research on drama performing, and creative writing & research on film, television performing; one undergraduate major: performing. It has formed the relatively complete talent cultivation system: the main part is undergraduate education, and the development direction is postgraduate education.

The department mainly provides creative applied talents who will work in performing, planning, organizing, creative writing of stage, film and television, for social literature and arts groups, arts colleges, arts exhibitions, radio station, TV station, film & television company, performing arts institutions, mass arts and other fields.